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Community Forums

Cotroafs Community Forums

The forums are a place for you to interact with other people who love books - building the world's largest online community of book lovers. Questions? If you are having difficulty getting started please visit our FAQ.

Reading Copy Book Blog

Reading Copy Blog

Cotroafs staff blog, where we post daily musings about news stories from the book world and let our readers know what's new at Cotroafs.

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BookSleuth®, GiftSleuth®


BookSleuth, GiftSleuth, and BookHints are sections of our forum where book lovers can help each other find books.

They're easy to use:

  • If you don't already have a nickname in our forums, create one now
  • In BookSleuth, post a short description of what you can remember about the book
  • In GiftSleuth, post a short description of your gift dilemma
  • In BookHints, post a list of five recently enjoyed titles
  • Come back often to see suggestions

Features Archive

Cotroafs Features Archive

Every week Cotroafs publishes fascinating features about a huge variety of bookish subjects, including rare books and collecting, authors, publishers, and interesting characters in literature and notable anniversaries. Our lists are second to none in the book world and designed to inspire your next read or collectible purchase.

Browse our feature archives and you will discover unique content that will both entertain and inform.

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Book Fair Directory

Book Fair Directory

Check our book fairs and events directory to see if there are any upcoming used, rare, or antiquarian book fairs in your area.

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Avid Reader Newsletter

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